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Andrej Lupin takes over the director's chair, and his subject is raven-haired Czech sensation Sapphira A. The film is notable for its subtle, understated style and gentle, relaxed pace. Sapphira lounges on a sofa leafing through a book of photographs. She answers her phone, chats briefly, hangs up, and then leisurely and without drama or theatrics, gives in to her masturbatory urges. True to the film's title there's a dreamlike flavor to the proceedings. Sapphira is slowly swept away, her eyes often closed, lost in the moment, drifting on the rising waves of pleasure her fingers and hands arouse within her. There's nothing rushed or hurried here — not in Sapphira's performance or in Lupin's cinematic style. The camera moves deliberately, almost cautiously, as if a sudden movement might disturb the mood. The soundtrack, ambient and ethereal, underscores the dreamy, trancelike atmosphere. And slowly, steadily, Sapphira gets closer and closer to her goal. Her breathing gets deeper, her movements more focused and insistent, and when orgasm occurs it is with a slow, smoldering glow rather than a bright, burning fire. Composing herself in the aftermath, she poses for a satisfied and flirtatious selfie, mails it to an unknown recipient, and enjoys the subtle pleasure of the experience. A restrained style, an intriguing mood, and its star's exquisite beauty make ''Contact" well worth finding.
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